Course February to March 2022

Course dates:

Session 1: February 2th
Session 2: February 9th
Session 3: February 16th
Session 4: February 23th
Session 5: March 2nd
Session 6: March 9th
Session 7: March 16th
Session 8: March 23th


We host all sessions on Zoom
Zoom opens at 07:15 PM CET- We start at 07:30 ​sharp.
Each session is 2,5 hours

To keep the course accessible to the widest range of people, we offer the course donation based. We are taking this approach because we truly believe that everyone deserves the chance to be happier and contribute to create a happier world.

Your donation will help us to support the happiness & wellbeing of local communities orphans, youngsters and refugees, which is so urgently needed right now.

*Everyone is welcome. So if you can’t donate today.
Please send an email to

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